Nail Treatments and Products

Our technicians are all experienced and internationally qualified.  We are committed to ongoing education to update our skills, knowledge and keep up with the latest techniques and technology.  We are passionate about our work and strive to provide you with top quality results.

Nails by Lisa Davidson has made a commitment to use simply the best products available globally including YOUNG NAILS, LOMASI MANICURE & PEDICURE SYSTEM, ST TROPEZ TANNING PRODUCTS, LI-LASH, SUNFX NATURAL TANNING,  BDAZZLED TOOTH WHITENING SYSTEM.

Our professional only products are formulated in USA and we will never compromise our clients health and safety or ourselves with low quality products.  We are a strictly MMA FREE SALON.  Proud to provide you with simply the best!  We pride ourselves in offering you excellence in all our treatments and look forward to sharing some new and exciting treatments which will become available soon.


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Lisa has been doing my nails for the past 10 years and recently she introduced me to Stilletos. Wow! They are amazing, the amount of creativity and class that is portrayed in her work everytime I get them done blows me away.  The only downfall is that everywhere I go people comment on my nails and how amazing they are.  If you want to make your hands look and feel delicious then Lisa is the best person to do this for you!

Judy Swanney